TUKUO The Unique Komedy Ukulele Orchestra


Look out! – The Brits are coming! – Perfect fun! – Perfect music! – Best British comedy!


ATTENTION! The Brits are back!
-Brilliant Comedy-Brilliant Music-

Is it possible for anyone to create a show that brilliantly combines music from Mozart to Monty Python, Bach to the Beatles, Chick Corea to Rossini?

The answer of course in the case of Tukuo Ukulele Orchestra is a resounding “YES!” Their motto is; “Musical borders belong to Yesterday”.

Tukuo Ukulele Orchestra with their totally unique vocal harmony blend that brings every Concert Hall to its feet night after night will return. Brilliantly daring and inventive arrangements and the unbelievable sound of their miniature instrument of choice...

Dont Miss It!!!, judged the SWR television!


"DON’T MISS THIS!” announced the SWR Television station. “THE UKULELE ROCKS!” shouts the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper. Various other influential city newspapers, der Mannheimer Morgen, die Allgemeine Zeitung, die Heilbronner to name but a few, enthuse with such comments as “brilliant music-cabart experience”, “wonderful musical comedy” and “the best fun ever!”.

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News & Updates

The TV-Station NDR made this report of our concert in Hamburg:

The broadcasting station in Hamburg ( NDR ) filmed a live recording at the Concert-Hall in Hamburg for the magazine “Hamburg Journal” on 28 February 2014.

British Embassy Presents.

The British Embassy presents : MINI Tour visits THE UNITED KINGDOM UKULELE ORCHESTRA in Düsseldorf
(Copyright: Bodo Brüsehaber, British Embassy).



TUKUO was part of the ALASKA WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL. On October 31, 2014 the orchestra performed in the Attwood Concert Hall in Anchorage.

In this important Festival of World Musics they drew attention to the project UKULELES FOR PEACE during their performance.


Allgemeine Zeitung.

The Newspaper AZ (Allgemeine Zeitung) in Mainz produced this Video during our concert in the venue „Frankfurter Hof“ at March 1st  2015.

Look at the following Link: 

TUKUO in Dollywood

The Gang were delighted to represent the UK at the 'Festival of Nations in Dollywood, Tennessee.


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