The Hamburg Concert 2012 DVD

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dvd hamburg front.png
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The Hamburg Concert 2012 DVD


Recorded Live at the St. Pauli Theatre , Hamburg. Witness musical borders being broken down right before your eyes due to the unique vocals and a fair helping of British humour , this DVD is a must for any Ukulele enthusiast ..

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Track Listing:

1.                  With my little Ukulele in my hand

2.                  The Third man

3.                  Heidi

4.                  In the mood

5.                  Air on a G string / Whiter Shade of Pale

6.                  Staying Alive / Freak Out

7.                  Pink Panther

8.                  Michelle

9.                  William Tell Overture

10.              Broccoli Broccoli

11.              Boy from Ipanema

12.              Eleanor Rigby

13.              Land of hope and glory / Rule Britannia

14.              Mamma Mia

15.              The Chain

16.              Spain

17.              Honolulu Baby

18.              Canyons of your mind

19.              Bohemian Rhapsody

20.              Jazz Waltz

21.              Life of Brian